If you come across a website recently you may have noticed a few small changes.  The one large change would be our new domain name.

Inteleqt is now called Cool Cabeza.

Let me give you a little bit of history about the domain and how we have come to this decision.

Back in 2009 when we first started freelance custom web design services, we were operating under the domain name www.webdesign-sandiego.com. For about a year, this domain name gave us a lot of success, and we even ended up reaching page 1 on the Google search engine, for the search term “web design San Diego”. This was great news for us, especially in the early days, and people were reaching out to us. We felt like we could take on the world.  The only issue was at the time, having a company called Web Sesign San Diego was not very “brandable”.

Two years later, in the summer of 2013, we registered the business Inteleqt and Intuition Ltd in the UK. And we traded under the domain name Inteleqt.com.  We acquired all the social media accounts that we wanted, and we began our new journey under the new business name.

Within 3 to 6 months, we discovered there was another company, that had been operating a lot longer than us, who were also called Inteleqt, and also utilise the same unique spelling of intellect as we did. With time, their SEO efforts proved more fortuitous than ours, and they ended up outranking off for our brand-name.

Another reason for the brand redesign was that some people were struggling to pronounce our domain name.  We had many variations of pronunciation including: (phonetically)

Intel eck ter
In telly Q T
In teller cutie

Even though we have come up with the domain name ourselves, a lot of people struggle to grasp the pronunciation, and company felt that this could have had some impact, as being hired or for people retaining our services.

Another reason has he felt this domain name was a very reflective of who we are as a company and the people operate behind it. Intellect is a very formal word, even with the alternative spelling.

But in our content and character, who we are as people amongst ourselves and our clients was not being reflected. We are a lot more playful, a lot more inventive, and have a lot more character, and I guess we felt with time Inteleqt didn’t reflect us accurately as a company.

Cool Cabeza, for those of you, do not speak Spanish, translates as ‘Cool Head’.  One word being in English and the other one being Spanish. Both terms are used commonly within each other’s language. The cool head signifies the same similar ethos behind intellect in the form of smart thinking, calm under pressure, the ability to get things done, the ability to be grounded in the now. The flip side is that you could say the cool Head is someone that looks different, someone that stands out, something that is unique, exciting or captivating.

Over the coming several weeks we shall roll out the domain name change across all of our social media platforms and all other areas in which we’re reflected by the old name.  All invoicing and accounting will be transferred over, email addresses updated until eventually the full and complete transition have been finalised.

Apart from that its business as normal, we are still open for business, and continue to work with our existing client base and welcome new customers equally.