If you went to click on ONLINEWEBASSISTANT.COM, or perhaps you tried to google it, and you have ended up here, you might be a little confused right now.  That is understandable.

Online WEB ASSISTANT is now all of US here at Cool Cabeza.

Commonly known as OWA, after much discussion, the decision was made to merge the two businesses.  The timing was perfect with the rebranding and redirecting of the company from Inteleqt.com to Coolcabeza.com.  In the inception of Inteleqt and many other small businesses that operated on a low level, it made more sense that we merge all of the businesses and streamline all of our efforts.  We had to think about all of our endeavours for all of our businesses and look at what was working and what was not.

1. Rebranding

As mentioned in our other post. Inteleqt is now called Cool Cabeza. We chose to change our domain name for several reasons.  We were competing with another company who had the same business name as us. So no longer were we ranking for our name.

The second reason was a lot of the people were having a problem to pronounce the domain name. The pronunciation lead to a lot of confusion with people, and we feel like a business, that any confusion that would enter into any part of the process when with working with us, should be eliminated. It certainly shouldn’t start with the initial phone call somebody trying to pronounce our business name.

Another reason was that with time, we felt Inteleqt didn’t reflect any part of the personality within the people working here.  Although the principles of Inteleqt still stand, certainly around lean business models and smart business practices, Inteleqt as a brand seemed somewhat devoid of any character. We feel like the beginnings of this transformation will be impacted if we can incorporate some of this personality that we value in our day-to-day lives.

2. Social Media Headaches

Now that Google takes social significance for brands and companies, it is important that brands and companies embrace this new medium with open arms.  The only catch is that there are 100’s of different social media platforms out there and it ‘s hard to know what media channels to use and which ones to just kick to the kerb. It can be overwhelming, even for the most up to date companies out there.

Here is a list of the top 20 social media platforms (at the time of writing). It has all the heavy hitters in there like Facebook and Twitter.  It is a growing list.  And this is just the top 20.  There are much more.

Now factor that equation into multiple businesses.

Exactly.  It can be a little too much.

Each different platform requires a tailored style of communication depending on the platform and the people that use that platform.  It is possible you could just outsource the work to someone else, like an independent contractor or maybe another agency, but not a lot of organisations have the budget to do, especially if they are a just starting out.

3. Time Management

Having multiple businesses to run, has impacted somewhat our ability to grow our company and the services that we offer. The primary focus of what we provide is to help people that I have little or no knowledge of web design, work with them to create a solution and business model which works for them, and to use these opportunities in networks to grow and expand our influence among the small business community.

What happened is our time was divided and efforts spread thinly across multiple different companies.

What has happened on occasions when discussing similar problems with our clients, we would take the approach of streamlining their businesses to make their workflow and daily task list a lot easier. The problem seemed to be evading us naturally, and we fail to take our advice.

4. Service Immersion

Another reason for incorporating this manoeuvre was duplication. All the services that Online Web Assitant (OWA) offered were already provided by us as part of an after-care service there we have been recently promoting and offering to our clients. The difference is that the services are already included in our business model, and there seen no need to have a separate domain name offering a similar of services, and a different domain name offering another.  This way we can keep all of our Business interests in a row.

Anyway, now that you all have bee brought up to speed, it is time for a cup of tea.

Talk soon.