Website Audits

Site Audits: Check your website health

Site Audits are commonly used to see if your site is performing as well as you would like. Has every possible step been taken to ensure you have the best possible chance of ranking well in the search engine results?

If you can’t confidently answer yes to the above questions, then you really should be considering a site audit. Simple factors, such as whether your pages are loading fast enough can have a massive impact on the experience of your website visitors. Think of your website audit like a health checkup, which checks for the same factors as modern search engines such as Google.

What do site audits from Cool Cabeza involve?

We perform manual tests of over 200 factors that measure your websites overall health. We will then inform you of your site’s score as a percentage. We can then provide you with the report to activate yourself, or if you prefer, we can action the changes for you.

At no point will you be bombarded with techno jargon, unless of course, you ask for it. Instead, we will explain the opportunities to improve your website in simple, easy to understand language. You will be in total control over everything at all times.

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