Logo Design

Why logo design is so important for your product, business or brand.

How do you go about compacting every little detail about what your business is about into a single graphical logo? This is the question that hinders many people when it comes to deciding on a logo design. Thankfully the answer is simple. You don’t try at all.

For example, does the Colonels face of KFC say anything at all about fried chicken? Does the Levis jeans logo say anything at all about tight-fitting denim? Of course not, but you still identify those qualities when you see those logos.

Your logo should be something that you will be proud to see people associating with your services, products and brand. Whether that logo ends up being a complex work of art, a technical illustration or a simple graphical symbol is entirely your choice.

How can Inteleqt San Diego help with your logo?

The first step to creating the perfect logo design is communication. This is why we provide you with a dedicated Inteleqt graphic designer who will work with you on your project, listen to your ideas and suggest ways to improve and refine them.

Don’t have any ideas yet? Not a problem. We are more than happy to help with inspiration, just as readily as are to improve any existing logo design you may already have. Whatever situation you are in, Inteleqt can help you craft the perfect logo.

This personalised one to one process has proven extremely effective time and again. We take our knowledge of successful large scale corporate branding and make it easily accessible to our clients, big and small. This, combined with years of crafting custom logos has taught us how to make your Inteleqt logo design work for you.

  • Our logo designs will not lose detail when you make them smaller.
  • Our logos look good in black and white (for faxes, copies, etc.) as well as color.
  • Our logo designs are distinct and memorable.
  • Original Artwork Supplied
  • Print and Web Ready Vector Format
  • Original Artwork Supplied

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