Link Building

Link Building Service. Why link building, when you can link earn?

If you are aware of link building, then you are probably mindful of the fact that gaining a link from a high-value website helps to improve your website rankings. What you probably don’t know is that link building is an outdated practice and anyone offering to help you ‘link build’ is likely to be just after your money.

Their strategy would be to spam your web address on multiple forums, comment boxes and directories. Any links gained are usually temporary and low quality, possibly even toxic, causing your website more harm than good due to the unnatural way the links were acquired.

Link earning is the process of gaining links naturally, by providing your website visitors with high-quality content, a great website experience and the right prompting to encourage them to want to link to you.

How can Cool Cabeza help you earn links?

We will perform a thorough audit of your website to determine its ability to naturally attract links. This includes checking your content, how your website funnels traffic and whether your pages are correctly optimised to encourage readers to share and promote to others.

You are then free to use the results of this audit to make your own changes or if you prefer we can activate the improvements ourselves. All you need to do is get in touch with us to get the ball rolling.

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