Email Marketing

Perfect your email marketing campaigns with Inteleqt San Diego

Great email marketing is the equivalent of something coming through your letterbox and being pinned to your fridge or ending up at the bottom of your bin. You need to offer you, prospective subscribers, something of value that will make clicking that subscribe button almost irresistible.

Even if you already have a list of subscribers, you’ll still need to appeal to them with an eye-catching subject line and deliver on their expectations of being a subscriber. This means delivering the right content in the right way, otherwise those hard-won subscribers could end up hitting that unsubscribe button.

How Inteleqt can help you with your email marketing

Before any email marketing campaign can hope to succeed, you need to be certain of your goals. Are you trying to drive traffic to a particular website or landing page? Are you trying to increase your sales conversions or collect demographic data? Perhaps you are simply providing useful information to those in need?

Whatever your goals, Inteleqt can help you. We are small business specialists, here to help you get going – and keep growing. Our team of educators help make you a smarter online marketer and our proven track record gets your communications into the inbox every time.

  • Designs that get responses
  • Templates that work
  • Plan campaigns that achieve goals
  • See what works and doesn’t with email tracking
  • Personal Coaching and Support
  • Anti Spam Checking

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