Content Writing

Get your message across to the right people with the right content

When it comes to content writing, It takes the average internet reader 5 seconds to assess the worth of a website’s content. Does your website pass that 5-second test?

Poor content writing is ‘we’ focussed, and doesn’t put your readers first. Your content needs to speak directly to your readers, hold their interest and motivate them into completing the goal you have in mind.

If you simply talk about yourself and fail to mention the benefits you are offering, then chances are you will lose the interest of your reader quicker than they can click the back button.

How can Cool Cabeza help with your Internet Marketing?

Our content team can perform a content audit and provide you with honest feedback on what needs to be changed along with what works well. You can then either adjust your content yourself or we can do it for you. If you don’t have any existing content, we can produce new content from scratch.

Your content will be designed around your intended audience, speaking directly to them about what you can do for them, how it will benefit them and what they need to do next.

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